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Flip'em the Bird, INC

Next Navy - Lime Bird

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Fingerless Gloves  * Durable Stretch for Ideal Fit & Added Comfort AF * Helps Release Emotional Baggage * Super Soft Feel for Maximum Comfort * This Gift would be Bananas - B.A.N.A.N.A.S. * 100% Acrylic yarn, Durable & Water Soluble * Keeps your Hands Warm AF  * Pretty Much Every Adjective just add AF after it * Ships in within 7 days  * Our No Shit Return Policy - If you are Not Satisfied within 14 days, we will Refund your Money.  * Secured Checkout - Shopify or Paypal  * Machine Washable AF   Great Bird Movie Moment: 🖕One of a Kind. Do you want to be like Joanna and tell your boss what he can do with his flair? (1999, Office Space) We get you, we are you. #flipthembirdsup